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Art/ivist Answers


Yep, basically we are aiming at a "Minority Report" Society.
Of course there are lots of other civil uses of drones, such as

- detecting buried people after natural (and other) disasters

- explore and map damaged area after disaster

- delivering medication

- fighting (forest) fires

- research in areas, that are dangerous or hard to reach (volcanos, deep sea)

- aerial photography for moviemakers (cheap)

- and a lot more...

which is all really nice, but the question is:

Who can afford drones? Where is the profit?




Political activists also use drones:

- observing and recording the police on protests (occucopter)

- recording footage of animal cruelty in factory farms

- detecting illegal deforestation in the rainforests (NGOs)

- using kickstarter for buying better drones (and water cannon)

- disturbing election speeches of politicians


merkel drone meme



...or fight the drones:

- drone shooting (U.S.)

- Spy Car Hunting (UK)


forbes drone shooting





How can we deal with it?



- surveillance is not easy to detect and nobody knows what's really going on

- people don't know, in which it affects them personally ("I got nothing to hide")


- for us it's only allowed to use toy drones

- almost impossible to disturb (or destroy) their systems

- we can easily be sued (subversive drone use or vandalism)

david goliath



- sensitizing the public (that's an artistic task :-)


- develop ideas how to hide from surveillance

- use the internet as a platform for viral publicity

(- find out how to disturb/mislead the system)

(- anonymity/pseudonymity if possible)



1. Analyze the space or system

2. Get inspired (research on existing projects)

3. Develop Ideas

4. Go! :-)




DroneCity Bolzano


They sell it like this:


But it actually is more profitable to use it like this:




Collection of related (Art)Projects


- KATSU: The Amazing Graffiti Drone <3

cheap cans graffiti


- Collaboration of Artists + JR (pseudonym): "#notabugsplat"

win a drone


- Public Studio: "drone wedding"

most beautiful wedding dress


- Stephen Whisler: "speed enforced by drones"

win a sportscar


- Florian Egermann: "my cloud in the sky"

wheather today


- Trevor Paglen: "drones"

- Unknown Artist: drone memorial

- Charles G. Miller, James Enos, Molly Enos: "The Periscope Project"

- Cia/JoyCamp: "drone spotting app" video



- Harun Farocki: war as a video game



- Trevor Paglen: observation of the observers


- Julia Scher: surveillance setups in museums

julia scher


- Adam Harvey: anti surveillance fashion

anti face detection camouflage (more links on his website)



- musicians use surveillance camera as a stage for a gig (can't find it anymore, but it was damn cool)



More cool and scary Stuff we found:


Facial Weaponization (Zach Blas)

Facial Weaponization Communiqué: Fag Face from zach blas on Vimeo.


Cirque du Soleil (Lampshade drones ballet, ETH Zürich)


Civilian Drone Warfare (paintball drone and taser drone)



Angry ram takes down a drone (and its owner)


Music Videos on Drones: