Open Drones





The Parrot AR.Drone is the most famous consumer drone:

- cheap (everyone can afford it)

- easy to fly (compared to other systems)

- lots of tutorials online

- tinkering is sophisticated (

- already had a couple of spotlight appearances in the anti surveillance protest





Standard Model (300€)

- HD 720p camera

- record on USB or on tablet/smart phone

- ultrasound sensor (6m height)

- air pressure sensor (higher)

- GPS / flightrecorder

- standard battery 14min


Additional (+200€)

- GPS flightrecorder

- stronger battery (should be 30min)

- repair tools and spare parts



Let's get started!

AR.Drone Youtube Turtorials

1. Setup



2. Pilot

- "absolute control" mode!



3. Record

- save on tablet/smartphone

- save on USB stick



4. Flight Recorder GPS

- autonomous flight (select way points in maps)

- the "blackbox" of the drone

- save flight data

- return home (in Wifi range only)


How to:

- download maps of your area while you have internet connection (button "preferences" in app above on the right)



5. Ar.Drone and QGroundControl

- download here

- select route of more than 1 waypoints (comes back home, too ;)




Cool Stuff


- AR.Drone2 with 4G/LTE


- AR.Drone2 with Kinect (parrotsonjava)



-AR.Drone with Oculus Rift and Kinect (blog&sourcecode)



- AR.Drone2 with FPV system (video tutorial)



- AR.Drone Face-Tracking (ardronelabviewtoolkit)



- AR.Drone with Missile Launcher :-D



- AR.Drone Police Mod



For the Spray Drone:

The amazing Stencil GraffitiBot :-)

Servo controlled String Trigger for Spraying




AR.Drone2 Paparazzi UAV