Open Drones


More info on Drone Surveillance in Bolzano (Italian):

- original article and video here

- critical voices: this and that

- Italdron (company) website



"spicy" places?!
(where we coud get in trouble flying a drone and why)

Social map of Bolzano

Bolzano social map

& go for a walk :-)


project ideas

for each project:

- what is the message?

- what kind of project is it?
⁃ interventional/performance (event)
⁃ photography/video, installation (product)

- what do we need to realize it?
⁃ what kind of skills
⁃ how many people
⁃ material/tools

- how much time do we need?

- is it illegal, and if so - what would happen, if we do it?
⁃ touch stuff that doesn't belong to us = vandalism
⁃ everything else = art
⁃ (good thing about drones is, you don't necessarily have to touch other people's stuff)

---> I would love to realize everything, rather than select 1 or 2 ideas
---> organize in groups?


Status Quo

- we have 2 drones and 3 days left


What are we able to do with the drone already?

- we are able to fly it manually (<100m)

- we are able to use GPS and select a route of waypoints (fly out of range and bring it back home)

- we can fly up to 100m altitude level

- 1500mAh battery = >10min flight

- 1500mAh battery = >20min flight

- we can record video


Steps before Action?

Droneshows start at about 5pm


Planned Interventions:

3 areas for drone flights:

- Waltherplatz
- Museumsstrasse
- (Outside of the prison?)
- (University?)

1 poster next to the info stands at the university


To do:

- test drone with stronger paper + paper in the front (and back)
- think of messages & design of signs
- create a poster