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"Powerseller", 2008, Web Art on Ebay

power_seller_08 sells items on Ebay. In his offers you don't only find promotion but also the truth about production of the objects and other related issues. Sold are furcoats, clothes from adidas, nike or levis, toys for kids, electronic gadgets, mobile phones, cosmetic products and a lot more...


In the Ebay lists power_seller_08 uses typical Ebay-slang like "wonderful furcoat" or "sexy! adidas bikini", but if you click on the offers and scroll down, you find descriptions for instance of chinese sweatshops with sometimes very shocking pictures. The buyer is touched in the moment of desire...
All offers from power_seller_08are real for sale and no fake. In 2008 about 50 objects from 25 different companies got sold this way successfully for a normal price.

Please click on the ebay offers below and get your bargain!


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