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("16 Minds", 2010, Interactive Performance in Second Life)

The project uses the online game Second Life, to expose real humans as virtual objects in the art exhibition space. In Second Life avatars are going to be paid for standing still and answering personal questions, which are asked by the same script that pays a certain amount of (real) money every 10 minutes. Caught in this situation the question about the "real" person behind the digital image comes up. Furthermore it becomes clear that this is a surveillance situation and the value that is paid for is the information people reveal.


Every 2 minutes the avatars have to answer personal questions like: "how do you feel right now?" "What are you thinking about in this moment?" "are you more honest in anonymous virtual space?". If avatars stop answering the questions they will automatically be kicked out and not able to earn further money. Sentences on the walls of the cube explain the installation.
In this way I am observing the minds of real people sitting in front of their computer screens trying to "earn money online". I pay for their emotions and thoughts, get more or less insights and show them directly in an exhibition.
The screen is shown live as a projection in exhibition space, the real visitors can communicate with the avatars over a video/audio stream.


16minds aufbau



An Avatar's Thoughts...


Questions and Answers (from the original chatlog):

[5:46] Question 5: Belana, how important do you think is the look of an Avatar?
[5:46] Belana Naidoo: +ich denke das es wichtig ist, weil schöne avas lieber angesprochen werden

[11:09] Question 7: Heinz, what are the differences between your Avatar and your real Self?
[11:09] Heinz Forwzy: my avatar is myself

[5:11] Question 27: Ace, is life easier in Second Life, and why / why not?
[5:12] Ace Biscuit: i think the same hard! because Second Life is difficult for the same money!

[5:14] Question 3: LadyBoy Lisa, how much of your time do you spend in Second Life?
[5:15] LadyBoy Lisa: only 3 hours a day

[5:25]  Question 8: Samantha, what do you think about Love in Second Life?
[5:25]  Samantha Crosby: i think love is difficult

[5:27]  Question 9: Samantha, what do you think about Sex in Second Life?
[5:27]  Samantha Crosby: that it's strange

[5:12] Question 41: Raymond, what was the first thing you did after creating your avatar in Second Life?
[5:13] Raymond Fonda: finding out about the controls and visit danceclubs

[5:10] Question 23: mamie, what is your favorite place to explore in Second Life, and why?
[5:11] mamie Doulton: chez moi c'est trés beau et je mis sent bien (my house is very beautiful and I feel well placed)

[10:53]  Question 6: Krysta, how do you feel right now in this situation?
[10:54]  Krysta Keystrel: To be perfectly honest, this place plays right in to my exhibitionist side.
[10:54]  Krysta Keystrel: What can play that up more than being naked on display for the world, andswering personal question

[10:57] Question 6: Krysta, if you could do anything you want in your real life,no matter what - what would you rather do right now than being in Second Life?
[10:58] Krysta Keystrel: if I could do -anything?- I'd want my avatar's life.

[5:10] Question 20: Angelina, why did you join secondlife?
[5:11] Angelina Barony: да пошли вы с вопросами (fuck you with your stupid questions)...


This is an original 10 min video log, recorded during ISEA 2010 in Dortmund:

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