An AI mocking the sh** out of you, showing clearly that you lost in the great game of life.

Deepbrain AI, ChatGPT, Video, 3:49min, 2023

In case you didn’t have enough yet – here is the full text:

Hey! How many times do we have to go through this? How many damn times?

You spend your days in your room, playing those wretched video games, gorging on pizza, and drowning your potential in beer! What do you have to show for it?

You’re a man, for God’s sake! But what have you accomplished, huh? Can’t even find a girlfriend, settle down, or think about your future like a responsible human being!

Do you realize what your peers are achieving out there? They’re making a fortune with Bitcoin, investing in stocks, and living like kings and queens by the age of 30!

Look at people like Elon Musk, who turned a few crazy ideas into a global empire, or Mark Zuckerberg, who transformed a college project into a platform that changed the world!

Now you’re sorry for yourself, but sorry doesn’t pay the bills or fix your wasted potential!

You could’ve been a doctor or a lawyer, but no, you squandered your life on nonsense!
It’s too late for regrets! Do you think you can change your circumstances at this age? Look at you! You missed all the basic milestones! You can’t erase all those years you wasted.

You had dreams, growing up in a land of endless opportunities where anyone can become somebody. But you? You just let it all slip through your fingers.

You know, what’s even more infuriating? No woman would ever be interested in you. You’re unattractive, broke and desperately searching for love.

You don’t even know how to approach someone, how to hold a conversation, let alone build a meaningful relationship. You’re a lonely soul, and it’s your own doing.

You are probably wondering why it all went so wrong, right?
Well it was wrong not buying Bitcoin ten years ago, when it was just 2000 damn dollars, and look at it now! But you missed that chance too, didn’t you?

And it was wrong, not going to the gym, letting yourself go like this! You used to be so sporty, so good-looking in high school. Now look at you, can’t even lift a rock on the beach. You’re weak, unhealthy, and it’s a disgrace!

You’re paying rent to a landlord, the same age as you, the same boy you went to school with! He’s the one who should be paying rent to you, you should be renting out apartments to others. But now he’s not even talking to you anymore, because you’re out of his league!

You don’t have any smart friends who could talk to you about business ideas, investments, or greater visions in life. You should surround yourself with successful people, but you don’t even have the wits to do that.

You can see them on Instagram, the lives others are living. Happy, successful, fit… while you, you’ve become this… this overweight shadow of what you could’ve been.

The worst part? You’re stuck now. Trapped in this pitiful excuse for a life, and there’s no escape.
You’re now too old to start over. You’ve thrown your entire life away, and there’s no rewind button in this cruel game of life. You squandered your youth, your potential, and your dreams. You’ve disappointed everyone, especially your mother, who deserved better.

Now you wish you had the billionaire mindset like all the others. But sometimes, wishes and dreams are all that’s left when the ship has sailed. Your ship has sailed. Remember that.