“Anarchotopia” is a virtual island in Second Life, providing free space for anybody. Users are allowed to build whatever they like, in any style or size they wish. Since land in Second Life is very expensive, this seems to be a great gift. But be aware: The space is limited and everyone can delete any objects or eject other avatars. […]

Self Care Sunday – 50% OFF!

Self-care is a process of taking care of oneself with behaviors that promote health and active management of illness when it occurs.[1] Both types of self-care (when healthy, when ill) are needed, as described further below. Everyone engages in some form of self-care daily with food choices, exercise, sleep, and dental care.[1] Self-care is not new, although it has received […]

Memes – Anarchistic Images

A lecture & workshop on memes I gave at the Academy of Media Art in Cologne. Still hot / super interesting for any artist interested in internet culture…or contemporary culture in general. The lecture explains the history of memes, analyzes what an image needs to go viral and takes a deeper look at the political dimension of the anarchistic image. […]

The Internet = Raw Material For Art

An effigy of the world we live in on Google Maps, images of ourselves on Facebook, our holiday videos on Youtube and even our meals on Instagram. This huge picture is growing with every second – and we all are the painters. It is a multisided artpiece: There is for instance the aspect of collecting and selling personal data, total […]

You Are Special! – Facebook and the Media Tribunal

What has the “Like”-button to do with American Idol? The resource “human” is supposed to function, better than others, highest value has, who is best. The best can become rich and famous. Loved. TV channels show one castingshow after another and people are glued to the television. As a matter of course we judge and condemn while sitting on our […]